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Feature Friday - "Halloween for Mummies"

Sandra Boone


Happy Friday everyone!  Susan Powell here with a post featuring the Halloween for Mummies Digital Image from Three Room Studio. This set has the 4 of the cutest mummies and for such a great price.

I printed the image onto white card stock and also onto copy paper. I cut out the images on the copy paper, added some Zig 2 way glue, let it get a little tacky then used it as a mask to cover the images on the white card stock.

I cut some copy paper to create a horizon line and cut a circle to make the moon then used some Distress Oxide inks and a blending brush to create the sky and then the grass. I splattered some water onto the sky and dried it to create some 'stars'.
I colored the images in using Prismacolor Pencils then used a grey pencil crayon to add shadow below the images and to darken the horizon line.
I cut the panel using a stitched rectangle die then adhered it directly to a white card base.
I used a sponge with very little black ink on it to add some texture to the moon.
The sentiment is from a Halloween set I have in my stash and I stamped that with Black ink.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out this fun Halloween for Mummies image.

Happy Stampin'

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