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Fall | Winter Coffee Lovers Blog Hop

Sandra Boone

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Hello, friends!

I am once again so happy to sponsor, and also be participating today, in the Fall | Winter Coffee Lover's Blog Hop, taking place until Friday, November 19th!

For my card, I used the "Just a Moment" digi. This is one of my favourite new images this fall, and I’m certainly feeling that cozy feeling this week, as we’ve had our first snowfall.



For the card, I used Neenah Solar White 20 lb card stock for the front, and Gina K black card stock for the black frame, and Neenah Solar White 110 lb Desert Storm card stock for the card itself.  

The image is entirely coloured with Copic Markers, with a little white Gelly Roll pen for a few of the details.

Sweater:  R59, R39, R27, and R22.
Hat:  W8, W6, W4, and W2.
Mug:  B79, B57, B51
Hair and Table:  E49, E59, E23, E13
Background:  W2, 0



This card is entirely coloured with Copic Markers. 

Sweater:  R59, R39, R27, and R22.  
Hat:  W8, W6, W4, and W2.
Mug:  B79, B
Hair and Table:  E49, E59, E23, E13
Background:  W2, 0

You can view the MASSIVE Coffee Lover's blog post with linkies here:  


And you can also follow along using this hashtag:   #fallwinter2021clh

There are so many sponsors and participants in this hop, please do yourself a favour and try to visit them all for fun and inspiration! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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  • Lisa Bzibziak on

    Beautiful card… beautiful coloring! Thanks so much for being a Super Sponsor!

  • Ashley Cortez on

    Cute card, thanks for being a super sponsor

  • Dawn Skene on

    Gorgeous coloring! Thanks for being a Super Sponsor!

  • Ericka Strange on

    Gorgeous coloring and I love your card. So beautiful and thanks for being a sponsor.

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