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FIRST EVER Design Team Call!

Sandra Boone


Three Room Studio stamps is assembling the first ever design team.  I am so excited about this, I can barely stand it!

See details below...

Design Team Call!



Three Room Studio is a stamp company located in the Canadian prairies, offering high quality stamps for cardmakers and creators of all kinds.  All original designs are illustrated by owner and longtime maker, Sandy Boone.  

Three Room Studio’s mission is to offer fun, unique, quirky products that work together and also play well with others.  This is a fun, inspirational, and collaborative community, and we should all get the most out of the products we choose to purchase and love.  

All stamps are manufactured in the US, using the highest quality photopolymer.  

Three Room Studio is a growing company whose stamps are currently sold at ThreeRoomStudio.com, SimonSaysStamp.com, and ScrapbookingFairies.com.



We’re looking for fun, talented people who have a passion for cardmaking and creating with stamps, who love to share their creations and knowledge with others, and who genuinely want to be part of a great team.

Obviously, you must genuinely enjoy using Three Room Studio stamps!  Again, don’t count yourself out if you’ve never used them.  We’ll be focussing on your projects, regardless of which company’s images you’ve used in them.  

We will be looking for people who take great photos.  They don’t need to be elaborately staged, but they should be bright and high quality, and the project and the stamp image should be the focus.

Participation on other design teams is fine. Experience on a design team is not a must; maybe you’ve never applied for a design team before…maybe now is the time!  There is so much hidden talent in our community, and we want to find you and assemble the best team possible.



Participation on the design team will include mainly posting on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook, or guesting on the Three Room Studio website blog.  If you have a blog you regularly post on, great!  If you have a YouTube channel and do videos, even better!  But please don’t count yourself out if you don’t have a blog or videos. 

How often is open for discussion.  We want to know what you can commit to, and we really want you to be realistic about this.  Being on a design team and playing with products is supposed to be fun, and while we will want you to post on a consistent basis, the last thing we want is for your participation to begin to feel like work.  Maybe you’re not sure, or now is not the ideal time, but you’d really like to contribute.  Apply anyway, and let’s talk about it. 

The term on the design team is not yet determined, but will be in the range of 6 months to 1 year.  



You will receive a welcome package, all new release products before they are available in store, and also receive a significant discount on all items currently available in the shop at threeroomstudio.com.

You will also receive a watermark to place on your images, and a design team logo for your blog or website.  

Your work will be showcased on the Three Room Studio blog and social media, and your photos may also be used in product listings in the Three Room Studio shop and other online retailers.  



Why not now?  Applications will be accepted until midnight (your midnight) on Saturday, October 19th.  



Apply by email to threeroomstudio@gmail.com, with “DESIGN TEAM” in the subject line.

The email should contain the following information: 

    • Full name
    • Email address
    • Location
    • Social media links
    • Current or past design teams
    • Type of projects you enjoy (cards, other paper projects like notebooks or boxes, etc.)
    • At least 5 examples of your work
    • Some information about you!  Maybe how long you've been creating?  How did you start?  What is your favourite type of project?  What is your favourite medium?  Do you have a favourite style?  Is there something you'd like to try but haven't yet?  Anything you want to share, so we get to know the you beyond the social media posts.  


We’re so excited to be developing this first ever design team, and look forward to seeing your applications!  

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  • Jill Taylor on

    When will you be announcing your team?

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