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Christmas Card Parade - Kim

Sandra Boone


Hi friends!  Welcome to the Three Room Studio Christmas Card Parade!  A different TRS Design Team member is sharing a Christmas card each day through December 21 and today is my day!
For my card, I am using the Welcome Winter stamp set to create a little festive scene.  This set has several fun images along with 5 different sentiments.


I started by coloring in the whimsical moose on skis with my Copics and then I fussy cut him out.  
Next, I ink blended a nice blue background part of the way down the card and spritzed it with water.  
Since I wanted a little more sparkle, I added some gold glitter drops from my stash.  Every card should have some sparkle, especially this time of year!
To finish off my card, I added a sentiment from the Simple Sentiments stamp set that I think works perfectly for a holiday card.
I also gave the card a nice red mat peeking from behind the card front before adding the entire panel to my card base!
Thank you for visiting today!  Please check back again tomorrow for more inspiration from another TRS Design Team member!
Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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